CSQL Client Server In Memory Database

Software applications that deal with real time data require faster response times and high throughput, were limiting themselves to generic databases leaving incredible business benefits. With the speed of business increasing, and the volume of information that enterprises must process growing as well, businesses in many industry domains transition to real time data management in order to stay competitive.

CSQL, by its inherent memory architecture manages database in memory, data structures and access algorithms are optimized for memory access to attain maximum efficiency, achieving dramatic gains in responsiveness and throughput, even compared to a fully cached disk resident database.


Full ACID Support
Highly Concurrent
    Row Level Locking
    Lock free index structures
    Leverages multi core & multiprocessor Indexes
    Hash Index
    Tree Index
    Trie Index
    Automatic uses checkpoint & redo log
    Fault Tolerant
Isolation Level Support
    Read uncommitted
    Read committed
    Read repeatable
    Primary Key
    Not Null
    Referential Integrity
Data Type support
    All primitive types, Char, Varchar, Binary
    Date, Time and Timestamp
Connection Mode
    Embedded and Client/Server
Standard Compliance
    SQL 92 Entry Level
    ODBC Level 2
    JDBC 3.0
Supported platforms
    Linux - x86, x86_64
    Solaris - x86, sparc
    FreeBSD - x86, x86_64
    Windows - ODBC and JDBC Drivers