CSQL In-Memory Write through Cache

With the speed of business increasing, and the volume of information that enterprises must process growing as well, businesses in many industry domains transition to real time data management in order to stay competitive.

Though there is huge demand for speed, enterprises are reluctant to migrate their applications, as they do not want to give up the existing database systems they are using for many years that are proven stable in their environment.

CSQL Cache works in conjunction with existing database management system and provides application flexibility to use feature rich existing database functionalities and high performance CSQL MMDB based on the performance requirement on per table basis.


Caching Types
    Full table
    Partial table
    Read only
    Updateable table
    Bi-directional table updates
Transparent Caching
    Access to tables in target database (non-cached tables)
    Calls to target database specific features like stored procedures, are routed transparently to target database
Data Consistency
    Operation consistent caching
    Transaction consistent caching
    Tool to check cache consistency
Update Propagation Modes
High Availability
    Automatic fail over to target db
    Automatic recovery
    Load balancing with multiple cache nodes
Standard Compliance
    SQL 92 Entry Level
    ODBC Level 2
    JDBC 3.0
Supported platforms
    Linux - x86, x86_64
    Solaris - x86, sparc
    FreeBSD - x86, x86_64
    Windows - ODBC and JDBC Drivers
Supported Database Platforms     MySQL