CSQL Product Family

CSQL is the fastest enterprise class open source main memory relational database management system. Traditional disk based database management systems are persistent but are incapable to deal with dynamic data that constantly changes and application that require response time in few microseconds rather than milliseconds

CSQL, by its inherent memory architecture manages database in memory, achieving dramatic gains in responsiveness and throughput, even compared to a fully cached disk resident database.

CSQL Embedded

Serverless Embedded Relational In Memory Database Engine with zero database administration. Data access via standard SQL interfaces(JDBC, ODBC).

CSQL Main Memory Database

Client/Server Relational In Memory database management system. It provides highly concurrent access through standard SQL interfaces(JDBC,ODBC) to retrieve and manipulate the data with unprecedented high throughput and response times.

CSQL Cache

Generic database caching platform to cache frequently accessed tables from existing database management system (MySQL, Postgres) close to application tier. Cached tables are stored @ CSQL In Memory Database to provide faster and predictive response time with high throughput.